50 Lil' Habits

Engaging a new habit can make you feel a whole lot better. And good news – it only needs to be lil' to make a big difference.


"Honestly, working with Andrea Engstrom to establish a new Lil' Habit is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Not only did I develop a lifelong practice with inestimable positive effects, but the tools and techniques are mine forever!" –TODD

"The lil habit I started with was bite-size and manageable and not transformative on its face, but it helped me to shift my focus and commit, and it set off a domino effect of behaviors and decisions that propelled me toward my larger goal." –DON

50 Daily Habits

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  1. Daily To-Do List

  2. Timed Single Task

  3. Eat Whole Foods

  4. Gratitude Journal

  5. Drink Water

  6. Tend a Garden

  7. Move Your Body

  8. Cook a Meal

  9. Morning Pages

  10. Time Management

  11. Walk the Dog

  12. Sweep the Floor

  13. Work on a Project

  14. Do Something Uncomfortable

  15. Connect with Someone Who Makes You Feel Good

  16. Find Out How Someone is Really Doing

  17. Tell Someone "I love you"

  18. Listen to Music

  19. Listen to a Podcast

  20. Meditate

  21. Clear Clutter

  22. Donation Box

  23. Read for Pleasure

  24. 20-Second Hug

  25. Empty Inbox

  26. Study a New Language

  27. Play an Instrument

  28. Seek Inspiration

  29. Step Outside

  30. Give Time to a Cause

  31. Moisturize

  32. Consistent Bedtime

  33. Morning Routine

  34. Wake Early

  35. Belly Laugh

  36. Eat Breakfast

  37. Take the Stairs

  38. Vitamins/Supplements

  39. AM Tech Ban

  40. Body Scan

  41. Mindful Breathing

  42. Wash Your Face

  43. Budget track

  44. Empty Sink

  45. Me Time

  46. Craft

  47. Make Your Bed

  48. Meal Prep

  49. Do a Kindness

  50. Eat the Frog (do the last thing on your to-do list first)

EXPERT TIP: Choose a habit that you've engaged in the past that made you feel good. That positive memory creates the momentum it takes to start something new.

Let's Get Started!

I believe a lil' goes a long way and ANY incremental improvement in your well-being is a huge f'ing win.

The depth of the journey is for you to choose:

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