Bold Ideas

You've been tasked to solve life's greatest mystery. There are two books in front of you: "CURIOSITY" and "JUDGMENT". "Judgment" contains everything you think you know for sure. "Curiosity" contains only new relevant information. Which book do you choose?


"Lil Habit's approach to 'be curious, not judgmental' gave me a new perspective. Entering the creative process, not in a mad search for solutions but with a sense of wonder at what might emerge, has fundamentally changed what I think is possible in my work."


"The lil habit I started with was bite-size and manageable and not transformative on its face, but it helped me to shift my focus and commit, and it set off a domino effect of behaviors and decisions that propelled me toward my larger goal." –DON

"Stop seeking evidence to confirm your existing beliefs and start being curious about what you DON'T KNOW. When you make this mental shift, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you." - ANDREA ENGSTROM, MCLC

Let's Get Started!

I believe a lil' goes a long way and ANY incremental improvement in your well-being is a huge win.

The depth of the journey is for you to choose:

  • You can learn the Lil' Habit Basics on your own with the 1-hour Kickstart Course.

  • Or work with me 1:1 putting a lil' habit in action in the 6-Week Training Wheels Program. At the end of that 6 weeks you can assess where you are in your journey and what you want to happen next.

6-Week Training Wheels Program

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  • Live Online Coaching Sessions

  • Exploratory Quizzes

  • Custom Illustration Keepsake

  • Self-Assessment Worksheets

  • Training Wheels Email Course

  • Text check-ins

  • $1,250 Value for only $600