It only takes a lil' action to make big changes. Being curious is fantastic. Keep exploring and if you have a question about Lil' Habit that you don't see answered here, contact andrea@lilhabit.com.

Do I need a Coach to acquire a new habit?

Absolutely not! You've been acquiring new habits your entire life.

But if you want to learn something new and accelerate that process, work with a coach.

Lil' Habit provides you with new tools, builds on your self-awareness, and adds a level of accountability. You won't be relying on will power. Instead you'll re-frame old beliefs, anticipate and understand the obstacles that block you, and acquire new skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

What's the difference between a goal and a habit?

A habit is an activity or behavior. A goal is the result. Our work together involves repeat action so "habit" is the language we'll frame our work in. Put in this context, you could say you have a have a goal to run every day, but your habit is RUNNING.

What's the difference between a habit and a lil' habit?

When we begin our work together, you choose one new habit you want to acquire. We refer to that choice as your lil' habit.

Why do you call it a Lil' Habit? That doesn't sound very important.

It's well known that small, consistent change creates significant and lasting results. I want to help you embrace the idea that small things make a big difference, so we refer to your work as your lil' habit. Can you do something lil' every day? Of course you can! Read more on Why do it lil'?

How long do we work together?

I believe a lil' goes a long way and ANY incremental improvement in your well-being is a f'ing huge win.

The depth of the journey is for you to choose.

You can start immediately with the Kickstart Course for $27 ($300 value) and learn the lil' habit basics on your own.

Or book your spot in the 6-Week Training Wheels Program for $600 ($1250 value) and work with me 1:1 putting a lil' habit in action. At the end of that 6 weeks you can assess where you are in your journey and what you want to happen next.

What qualifications do you have to coach me?

Throughout my career I've managed and mentored others in extremely high-pressure environments. I've studied personal growth for decades and am also a Certified Coach. I focus specifically on habit formation because I find that work to be accessible and impactful, and I use my background in creative development to help expand your self-awareness.

Check out my reading list for some of my favorite books on these subjects.

I'm not a therapist. Your work with me is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. I believe working with a therapist is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Working with me and also working with your therapist can be a powerful combination.

6-Week Training Wheels Program

Enrollment per 6-week term is limited to availability. Learn more or book your spot now.

    • Live Online Coaching Sessions

    • Exploratory Quizzes

    • Custom Illustration Keepsake

    • Self-Assessment Worksheets

    • Training Wheels Email Course

    • Text check-ins

    • $1,250 Value for only $600