Meet Your Resistance

One of the most important steps of the Lil' Habit method is meeting your Resistance.

Resistance is the inner-voice in your head that pops up to veto any plans that will take you outside of your comfort zone. It has strong opinions – and your Resistance knows exactly what you need to hear to maintain your status quo.

Every Resistance is unique. Yours has developed a strategy that includes a narrative to maintain your status quo that speaks specifically to you. Some Resistance may take the Wizard of Oz approach where it hides behind a curtain while it puts on a scary show, but don't be fooled. Resistance is not scary. Once you meet your Resistance, you'll see for yourself that it's absolutely lovable.

Your Resistance exists in the space between where you are right now and any action you desire that sits outside of your comfort zone. Choose a lil' habit that you really want that allows you to shake up your status quo, and then get curious about the internal dialogue that happens as you consider engaging it.

Learn what holds you back from doing what YOU want to do. Meet your Resistance.

Want to learn more?

I believe a lil' goes a long way and ANY incremental improvement in your well-being is a f'ing huge win.

The depth of the journey is for you to choose:

  • You can learn the Lil' Habit Basics on your own with the 1-hour Kickstart Course.

  • Or work with me 1:1 putting a lil' habit in action in the 6-Week Training Wheels Program. At the end of that 6 weeks you can assess where you are in your journey and what you want to happen next.