Why Do It Lil'?

"In the beginning, performance is irrelevant. Doing something impressive once or twice isn’t going to matter if you never stick with it for the long-run. Make your new habit so easy that you can't say no." JAMES CLEAR, "ATOMIC HABITS"


I totally get it. It sounds ridiculous. Why would anyone hire a coach to help them do something small?

Oh, where to start.

We are inundated with motivational slogans egging us on to win-Win-WIN at life. So much so that we've forgotten how to live in the minutes of the everyday because we're supposed to be "killing it" all the time. Contrary to bumpersticker wisdom, you can have gain without pain, giving 110% puts you in the red, and pressure alone doesn't form diamonds, it also requires time (millions of years worth of time).

Warrior superhype is great for workouts but somehow it morphed into a basic American life strategy that's left many of us stuck and self-loathing.

There's a lot of unlearning we have to do – and unlearning is harder than hard.

You need to unlearn the cultural garbage as well as the coping skills you've developed on-the-fly that no longer serve you. That's where a coach like me comes in with a map, a method, and lots of customized guidance to provide you with new skills that you'll use for the rest of your life.

One of those new skills is intentional habit formation. We do it lil' so you can engage it consistently because that's where your lessons are learned and real personal growth occurs.

If your only definition of success is Go Big or Go Home, it's time to rethink that. Make it lil' instead.

"The habit isn’t the challenge it’s what’s happening around the habit that is the challenge. You help me to hone in on the simplicity and build the muscle of working with my Resistance." - MARK, HIGH-PERFORMANCE ATHLETE

Want to learn more?

I believe a lil' goes a long way and ANY incremental improvement in your well-being is a f'ing huge win.

The depth of the journey is for you to choose:

  • You can learn the Lil' Habit Basics on your own with the 1-hour Kickstart Course.

  • Or work with me 1:1 putting a lil' habit in action in the 6-Week Training Wheels Program. At the end of that 6 weeks you can assess where you are in your journey and what you want to happen next.