Lil' Habit Kickstart

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The Kickstart sets you up with the Lil' Habit basics.

Learn what holds you back from doing what YOU want to do.

Lil' Habit worksheets help self-assess your thoughts and goals.

What to Expect from the Kickstart

  • I've put together a kickstart so you can begin immediately, and it's only $27.

  • The Kickstart captures the onboarding I do to set you up with the Lil' Habit basics. << $300 value >>

  • Lil' Habit is simple, achievable, and powerful.

  • After you choose your new habit, you can download the Kickstart Workbook, which includes fun worksheets to help you self-assess your thoughts, environment, and goals.

  • Proven scientific methods combined with the art of story. The method is familiar, but with a unique twist.

  • You can run with it on your own or join my 6-week Training Wheels program for support putting the tools into practice.

“I found Andrea’s Lil’ Habit Kickstart extremely effective in helping to identify my Resistance to establishing a daily lil’ habit, in my case writing articles for a new newsletter I’m starting. I also really loved her inspiring quotes as well as doing the Curiosity Wheel, which helped me discover some areas about myself I hadn’t really verbalized before. I think the workbook is definitely a great kickstart to creating a lil’ habit and I’m feeling the positive effects after just a week. I’ve already finished two articles!”

– RW

"The Lil’ Habit Kickstart workbook gave me the boost of inspiration I so desperately needed right now. (And which so many people need after the last two years!) The exercises, reflections and thought-provoking quotes immediately motivated me to analyze my behavior and understand how my internalized Resistance was keeping me from my goals. It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted and the fog is finally clearing. I feel healthier, happier and more optimistic than I’ve felt in years. And each day I am seeing the tangible results of putting my Lil’ Habit into practice. Thank you Andrea! This work has the potential to change so many lives for the better."


"You have blown my mind in JUST 20 PAGES!!! Where have you been???!!! I am a lifelong consumer of self help, spiritual literature, and am always searching for a plan or tool that will help me do the HARD WORK for the BIG results. I see pieces of the best of all I've studied in your Lil’ Habit workbook. The practices, wisdom and science will be familiar to seekers. The concise and fresh presentation IS AMAZING AND YOU WILL BELIEVE, "Hell, I can do this little workbook." And be excited to do it because what Andrea has really done is freed you from the HARD work for BIG results."


"Thank you so much for all of this Andrea! I love the workbook and there has already been a major improvement in my mood and overall well being."


As a coach, what I help you do is build on your self-awareness, provide you with new tools, and add a level of accountability.

You'll re-frame old beliefs, anticipate and understand the obstacles that block you, and acquire new skills that you will use time and time again.

6-Week Training Wheels Program

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    • Live Online Coaching Sessions

    • Exploratory Quizzes

    • Custom Illustration Keepsake

    • Self-Assessment Worksheets

    • Training Wheels Email Course

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