"Honestly, working with Andrea Engstrom to establish a new 'Lil' Habit is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Not only did I develop a lifelong practice with inestimable positive effects, but the tools and techniques are mine forever! Andrea is smart, insightful, and empathetic, not to mention hilarious! I'm so very grateful for the work we did together."

- TODD, Filmmaker

"Tooooo many good things to say about this amazing lady and her amazing work!! I can honestly say her advice, course and conversations is spot on and beyond helpful. I have learned so much about myself and my relationships. I have personally recommended Andrea to two friends already and I am going to continue to work with her as long as I can. I appreciate Andrea and her energy, and feel lighter after we talk. The emails and material is engaging and fun to explore. Highly highly recommend!! Ten stars"

- NATASHA, Healthcare Recruiter

"As someone with 20+ years as a professional creative, I know burnout is always an email away. It's important to acquire the tools you need to take care of yourself through the ups and downs of creative work. Andrea has the perfect combination of approachability, insightfulness and a direct manner. She'll not only make a difference in your day-to-day routine, she'll also help you reconnect with your "big picture" creative journey. Andrea understands that self-care is more than a buzzword, it's a powerful tool that takes time, practice and FUN to master. Just contact her, already!"

- MARGO, Author

"Great insight and support. Lil’ Habit gave me new tools and helped me implement them into my life. I became more productive and gained confidence! Andrea does great work!"

- MATTHEW, Analyst

"I enjoyed working with Andrea immensely and our sessions were definitely time well spent. Andrea took the time to really listen and understand me and my perspective which resulted in perfectly personalized advice and actionable ideas. Psychologically, Andrea was also good at helping me get out of a negative mindset when something didn't go as planned and when I got stuck which is having a lasting impression and impact on me.

I highly recommend the Lil' Habit program!!"

- PAMELA, Tech Recruiter

"This program is life changing! Highly recommend."

- JENAI, Chief of Staff

"I overthink everything. Every. Single. Thing. So, getting into the habit of moving my body thoughtfully and with the purpose of being well has been a lifelong struggle. Why can’t I just give myself 15 minutes a day to exercise? Surely, I’m worth that. Over the years, I had turned what should have been a small and reasonable commitment, into a mountain to climb. The self-talk was ridiculous. The excuses were pathetic. But after working with Andrea at Lil’ Habit, I have faithfully been moving for 15 minutes each day. She helped me find a new perspective that inspired me to remold my resistance into a functional, effortless habit. Andrea helped me turn my mountain of inactivity into a lil’ molehill of yoga, dancing, stretching, walking! Thank you!"

- REBECCA, Filmmaker

"I know, it's hard to believe... 'Let's embark on a 6-week exploration of your resistance –it'll be fun!' I don't know how else to explain it except to say that it actually WILL be fun. You WILL come away with a deeper understanding of what makes you tick but also, more importantly, you'll come away with a deep sense of compassion for yourself that will see you through a great deal. All that AND you'll have picked up a handy lil' habit! What are you waiting for?"

- MARGO, Author

"Lil Habit has been hugely helpful in getting me headed in the right direction.

The lil habit I started with was bite size and manageable and not transformative on its face, but it helped me to shift my focus and commit, and it set off a domino effect of behaviors and decisions that propelled me toward my larger goal.

Andrea was a great support and guide through the process - asking questions, checking in and keeping me honest. Start Lil and you can achieve big things!"

-DON, Media Executive

"You have blown my mind in JUST 20 PAGES!!! Where have you been???!!! I am a lifelong consumer of self help, spiritual literature, and am always searching for a plan or tool that will help me do the HARD WORK for the BIG results. I see pieces of the best of all I've studied in your Lil’ Habit workbook. The practices, wisdom and science will be familiar to seekers. The concise and fresh presentation IS AMAZING AND YOU WILL BELIEVE, "Hell, I can do this little workbook." And be excited to do it because what Andrea has really done is freed you from the HARD work for BIG results."


"Quite frankly, I didn’t realize how empowering it would be to personify my Resistance with a face, a personality, and a voice. But after completing the Resistance exercises, I started seeing how often my Resistance crops up in my thinking patterns, and how my Resistance tries to keep me from following my bliss. I’m now learning the techniques I can use to shift and re-frame that internal dialogue from “No” and “Don’t bother” and “What’s the point?” to “Yes!” and “Don’t give up!” and “It’s worth it!” Then, after literally seeing my Resistance come to life with a beautiful customized illustration? Amazing! Mind-blowing! I now have an incredible new tool in my journey of personal growth."

– RYAN, Teacher

"The process of being introduced to the concept of my Resistance and writing up a description of him has been extremely eye-opening. I think I was always conscious of his voice in my head but giving him a form and an active rather than passive voice has completely changed the way I’m thinking and behaving each day, more and more. I now hear his voice and see his subtle sabotage with a new perspective and I’m settling into my lil’ habit of writing with greater joy and ease."

– RW, Artist & Business Owner

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